How Well Do You Know God's Word?

Study through the entire English Bible 
         Chapter by chapter...
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What is Line Upon Line?

Line Upon Line is a course that will guide your study through all 66 books of the Bible.
Line Upon Line is a progressive learning system, beginning with Bible books having the most foundational teachings, and gradually building up to more difficult material.
At Line Upon Line we interpret the Bible literally, taking the Bible at face value, within its context, and also emphasize the learning method of comparing Scripture with Scripture.
All lessons have a verse-by-verse layout that will eventually lead each student through every verse of the entire word of God
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How it Works

Study through each Bible lesson in STEPS



Start each lesson by reviewing the brief instructions provided to get the most from your study time.


Continue by reading the material that will guide your study through 1-3 chapters of the Bible. 


Finally, complete your lesson by quizzing your knowledge of the material.

What Students are Saying

I want to praise the Lord for the great blessing this course is to me.  It's especially helpful to a new Christian like myself.  Thank the Lord for giving you the wisdom and strength to complete such a tool.
— James S
Thank you for creating these Bible studies. I am very much enjoying the strongly Bible-based learning.
— Rebecca T
Only a few weeks in, and am already loving this Bible study course. It's been great having a systematic way to study my Bible, but also love the straightforward format of these lessons. The charts and other visuals are super helpful too. Thank you for making this resource available!!
— Elisabeth W

Why Line Upon Line


We truly believe that the Bible we hold in our hands is the very word of God. Our materials are King James Bible based, moderately dispensational and non-Calvinistic. We believe the best interpreter of Scripture is the Bible itself and that with a humble heart and the Holy Spirit's help, any believer can understand God's word.


Whether you are new believer, critic, or just a Christian who is excited to gain a deeper understanding of God's Word, Line Upon Life provides a comprehensive study through the entire Bible.


In 1992, the New Zealand Correspondence School of the Bible was founded as a resource to help New Zealanders study and understand the Bible for themselves. Over the past 33 years, over 6500 students been learning God's Word through the NZCSB. Now, this resource is being revamped and made available online as a digital online course - Line Upon Line


Line Upon Line is currently under development.
With over 250 lessons available, covering 2/3 of the Bible, we ask for your patience as final lessons are brought online. We look for to finalizing all course content with an expected completion date in 2025.

Meet the Author

Jeff Williams has been a missionary pastor in New Zealand since 1991, when he, along with his wife Debby moved across the ocean to follow God's calling on their lives.

Fast forward 33 years, Jeff has started several churches as well as founding the Blenheim Bible Institute and NZ Correspondence School of the Bible. Since 1992, the NZCSB has grown to over 6500 students in New Zealand and is now being made available as a digital online course, Line Upon Line

God has also blessed them with four children as well as two beautiful granddaughters. Jeff and Debby are excited and committed to continue following the Lord as he leads them.

What to Expect

See a sample of our course layout FOR your first 3 lessons
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