What's the best way to study the Bible?

That's the question we asked ourselves thirty years ago and the result is our unique Line Upon Line Bible study system.  The Bible is a big book with some very serious subject matter.   Where do I start?  How do I know if I'm getting it right?  Our book by book, verse by verse, line upon line approach will give you both a plan to get started and the means to find out what God intended you to know.     Our course is designed to make you dig into the word and compare scripture with scripture to find God's truth - and then to apply what you learn to your own walk with God!  We can only guide - God Almighty is the only one that can teach you his paths.  Join us and take that next step on His path for you today!

Best Genesis to Revelation self-study Bible program


Genesis to Revelation in 320 lessons. Every verse, every doctrine and every issue will eventually be touched upon!

Literal Approach

We start with the context and strive to let God’s word speak for itself. God meant just what he actually said!   


We actually believe and trust this Book! We are not going to subvert it with the Hebrew & Greek or the opinions of the experts.


Some studies are very devotional and shallow. Sound doctrine is our priority and crucial to getting everything else right.

King James Bible Based

To avoid any confusion we use one Bible and trust it as God’s inspired and preserved word for those of us speaking English today.


Over thirty years and 6000 students. MANY have been born again, grown in Christ or even trained for ministry through this course.  Why not join us?

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Dr Jeff Williams is a foreign missionary, pastor, author, Bible institute teacher and your instructor in the Line Upon Line Bible study course at Teach Me Thy Paths.com
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